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            APPENDIX 4 – Pollay list of values

Pollay list of values

Pollay AppealsDescription
AdventureBoldness, daring, bravery, courage, seeking adventure, thrills, or excitement
AffiliationTo be accepted, liked by peers, colleagues and community at large, to associate or gather with, to be social, to join, unite or otherwise bond in friendship, fellowship, companionship, co-operation, reciprocity, to conform to social customs, have manners, social graces and decorum, tact and finesse
CasualUnkempt, dishevelled, messy, disordered, untidy, rugged, rumpled, sloppy, casual, irregular, noncompulsive, imperfect
CheapEconomical, inexpensive, bargain, cut-rate, penny pinching, discounted, at cost, undervalued, a good value
CommunityRelating to community, state, national publics, public spiritedness, group unity, national identity, society, patriotism, civic and community organisations or other social organisations
ConvenientHandy, time-saving, quick, easy, suitable, accessible, versatile
DearExpensive, rich, valuable, highly regarded, costly, extravagant, exorbitant, luxurious, priceless
DistinctiveRare, unique, unusual, scarce, infrequent, exclusive, tasteful, elegant, subtle, esoteric, hand-crafted
DurableLong-lasting, permanent, stable, enduring, strong, powerful, hearty, tough
EffectiveFeasible, workable, useful, pragmatic, appropriate, functional, consistent, efficient, helpful, comfortable (clothes), tasty (food), strength, longevity of effect
EnjoymentTo have fun, laugh, be happy, celebrate, to enjoy games, parties, feasts and festivities, to participate
FamilyNurturance within the family, having a home, being at home, family privacy, companionship of siblings, kinship, getting married
FrailDelicate, frail, dainty, sensitive, tender, susceptible, vulnerable, soft, genteel
FreedomSpontaneous, carefree, abandoned, indulgent, at liberty, uninhibited, passionate
HealthyFitness, vim, vigour, vitality, strength, heartiness, to be active, athletic, robust, peppy, free from disease, illness, infection, or addiction
HumilityUnaffected, unassuming, unobtrusive, patient, fate-accepting, resigned, meek, plain-folk, down-to earth
IndependenceSelf-sufficiency, self-reliance, autonomy, unattached, to-do-it yourself, to do your own thing, original, unconventional, singular, nonconformist
MagicMiracles, magic, mysticism, mystery, witchcraft, wizardry, superstitions, occult sciences, mythic characters, to mesmerise, astonish, bewitch, fill with wonder
MaturityBeing adult, grown-up, middle aged, senior, elderly, having associated insight, wisdom, mellowness, adjustment, references to ageing, death, retirement, or age related disabilities or compensations.
ModernContemporary, modern, new, improved, progressive, advanced introducing, announcing…
ModestyBeing modest, naïve, demure, innocent, inhibited, bashful, reserved, timid, coy, virtuous, pure, shy, Virginal
MoralityHumane, just, fair, honest, ethical, reputable, principled, religious, devoted, spiritual
NaturalReferences to the elements, animals, vegetables, minerals, farming, unadulterated, purity (of product), organic, grown, nutritious
NeatOrderly, neat, precise, tidy, clean, spotless, unsoiled, sweet-smelling, bright, free from dirt, refuse, pests, vermin, stains and smells, sanitary
NurturanceTo give gifts, especially sympathy, help love, charity, support, comfort, protection, nursing, consolation, or otherwise care for the weak, disabled, inexperienced, tried, young, elderly, etc.
OrnamentalBeautiful, decorative, ornate, adorned, embellished, detailed, designed, styled
PlainUnaffected, natural, prosaic, homespun, simple, artless, unpretentious
PopularCommonplace, customary, welknown, conventional, regular, usual, ordinary, normal standard, typical, universal, general, everyday
ProductivityReferences to achievement, accomplishment, ambition, success, careers, self-development, being skilled, accomplished, proficient, pulling your weight, contributing, doing your share
RelaxationRest, retire, retreat, loaf, contentment, be at ease, be laid-back, vacations, holiday, to observe
SafetySecurity (from external threat), carefulness, caution, stability, absence of hazards, potential injury or other risks, guarantees, warranties, manufacturers' reassurances
SecurityConfident, secure, possessing dignity, self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect, peace of mind
SexualityErotic relations, holding hands, kissing, embracing between lovers, dating, romance, intense sensuality, feeling sexual, erotic behaviour, lust, earthiness, indecency, attractiveness of clearly sexual nature
StatusEnvy, social status or competitiveness, conceit, boasting, prestige, power, dominance, exhibitionism, pride in ownership, wealth (including the sudden wealth of prizes), trend setting, to seek compliments
SuccoranceTo receive expressions of love (all expressions except sexuality), gratitude, pats on the back, to feel deserving
TamedDocile, civilised, restrained, obedient, compliant, faithful, reliable, responsible, domesticated, sacrificing, self-denying
TechnologicalEngineered, fabricated, formulated, manufactured, constructed, processed, resulting from science, invention, discovery, research, containing secret ingredients
TraditionalClassic, historical, antique, legendary, time-honoured, longstanding, venerable, nostalgic
UntamedPrimitive, untamed, fierce, course, rowdy, ribald, obscene, voracious, gluttonous, frenzied, uncontrolled, unreliable, corrupt, obscene, deceitful, savage
VainHaving a socially desirable appearance, being beautiful, pretty, handsome, being fashionable, well groomed, tailored, graceful, glamorous
WisdomKnowledge, education, awareness, intelligence, curiosity, satisfaction, comprehension, sagacity, expertise, judgement, experience
YouthBeing young or rejuvenated, children, kids, immature, underdeveloped, junior, adolescent generation is shown through

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