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            3.1 Denmark according to Hofstede's cultural dimensions - Seven Hypotheses

Product categories:

Product categories

Hypothesis no. 1: the physical-geographical and economical data would already allow us to formulate a first hypothesis regarding the product categories promoted by Danish advertising: food & beverage products, services (such as tourism, banking,) etc.

Features of the advertising message:

Features of the advertising message

Hypothesis no. 2: from the same data it is also possible to predict certain potential features of the advertising message to be found in the corpus: quality (of life, of product), enjoinment of life, environmental concerns, economy, security, modernity and technology.

Considering that social norms and values will affect consumer behaviour, and finally the advertising the hypothesis already mentioned are confirmed by political and socio-cultural data; the latter would allow formulating further hypothesis concerning product categories, expected values and execution strategies, gender roles:

Product requirements:

Product requirements

Hypotheses no. 3: Product categories promoted by advertising are expected to be those who meet requirement for safety, security, comfort, technology; products usually associated with individual status such as cars, beauty products shall be less advertised.

Cultural values and tradition:

Cultural values and tradition

Hypotheses no. 4: Expected cultural values will involve a high presence of safety, family and friendship, modernity, care, nurturance and also tradition, avoiding conflict and competition. It is less probably to encounter values that prize status, individual achievement.

Executional strategies:

Executional strategies
Hypothesis no. 5: executional strategies not expected are celebrity endorsement and comparative advertising, or direct sell-proposition. Indirect, symbolic approaches such as drama, slice of life, indirect psychological motivation are expected to prevail.

Gender roles:

Gender roles
Hypothesis no. 6: gender roles overlapping are expected to be regarded as traditional or usual. It is also expected to indicate a very active and independent behaviour in women.

Humour roles:

Humour roles
Hypothesis no. 7: humour is expected to play and important role in advertising; coders are expected to assess a high frequency of humoristic effects in the corpus.

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