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APPENDIX 5 Executional Strategies

Executional Strategies

InformationPresentation of unadorned facts, without explanation or argument, merely "news about" the product concerned
ArgumentRelating of facts (reasons why) in some detail to the desired purchase; logical "playing on established desires" in presenting "excuses" to buy
Motivation with psychological appealsExplicit statement of how the product will benefit the consumer; use of emotions and appeals to self-interest in creating desires not previously readily apparent; interpretation of facts in an "especially for you" framework
Repeated assertion Hard-selling repetition of one basic piece of information, often a generality, unsupported by factual proof.
CommandA "non-logical" reminder (either hard-sell or soft-sell) to predispose audience favourably; maybe reinforced by an authoritative figure
Brand familiarisationFriendly, conversational feel, few or no "selling facts", but suggestion of loyalty to and "trustworthiness" of the advertiser, keeps brand name before the public.
Symbolic assertion Subtle presentation of a single piece of information, links the product to a place, event, person or symbol (any positive connotation); sales pitch usually not explicit, copy [print ed.] usually minimal, and product, in general, not "featured".
Imitation Testimonial, by a celebrity, by a "hidden camera" participant or by individual(s) unknown but with whom readers can readily identify (or whom they respect because of specified characteristics).
Obligation Free offer of a gift or information or a touching sentiment, some attempt to make the reader feel grateful.
Habit sharing Offer of a sample or reduced price to initiate a "regular practice or routine"; product usually featured.

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